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Option Strategy Module


In this Module we provide Option Strategy Educational content to Investors/Traders. The core objective of this service is to increase awareness in Public about the role of Option Strategies in Trading and Investment. Important basics of Option Strategy is covered thoroughly in this module. This service doesn’t give any investment or trading advise, the main purpose of the Module is education/awareness about option Strategy.
Option Strategy Educational Module also include live interaction through webinar with clients.

  • To know about basics of Option Strategies.
  • To enhance knowledge about the various Option Strategies.
  • To get yourself aware about the role of Option Strategy in trading and investment in Derivative Markets.
  • To know about various Terminologies and Technicality of Option Strategies.
  • To introduce Yourself with various Option Strategies like Bull & Bear Spreads, Butterfly, Straddle & Strangle, Ration Spread Strategies etc.
  • To understand the concept of Delta, Vega, Theta, Rho & Gamma.
  • To understand the Greek behavior with the help of Option calculator, combining Greeks & Volatility to understand Option Strategies.
  • To develop the requisite skills & equipped yourself with Option Strategies in order to make money regardless of the direction of Stock Market.
  • We will provide hard copy as well as soft copy of the Option Strategy Module to subscribers.
  • Live client interaction will be done through webinar.
  • All doubts about Option Strategies will be cleared via interaction.
  • Client can ask whatever and whenever he/she wants to ask as many times any queries about Option Strategies.
  • All communication will be done through mail/webinar or Telephonic conversation if required.
  • This module is for all those who are taking first step in understanding Option Strategies.
  • Education Module Only for education/knowledge purpose, in education module we don’t give any Investment/Trading advise.
  1. Security Market Investment Is Subjected To Market Risk And Past Performance Is Not a Guarantee Of Future Performance.
  2. We do not have any refund policy, so won’t entertain any money refund case. profit and loss of services are totally borne by the client.
  3. Dear clients HelfyTrades does not claim/give any assured/ guaranteed return, don’t trade on personal calls, trade only in Company Research calls. Please beware of fraud calls/sms.
  4. Dear Traders/Investors before taking any services or Free trial of HelfyTrades please read, Disclaimer, Disclosure, Term of Use, Privacy Policy, F&Q, Refund Policy of the company etc.
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